On the 11th Day of Christmas: 2018 Prediction

Social Engineering Prediction

Social engineering attacks are on the rise

How have we reached the 11th day of Christmas? We are sure you are all ready to start wrapping up your work ready for the Christmas fun. Before that happens we have two more days of cybersecurity news to share with you; starting with today’s prediction for 2018. We predict that throughout 2018, social engineering will remain widespread.

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On the 10th Day of Christmas: Lessons Learned in 2017

London Bridge Plastic Surgery Attack

London Bridge Plastic Surgery Hack

The 5th lesson we have to learn today looks a different type of attack. Previously, we have looked at how cybercriminals have accessed big companies in order to steal data, to can subsequently use maliciously. Of course, this is of a similar nature, but in a very different way. In October 2017, the London Bridge Plastic Surgery announced they had been contacted by well-known hacking group, “The Dark Overlord”.  Read more

On the 9th Day of Christmas: 2018 Prediction

Ransomware Attacks to Increase

Ransomware Attacks

We have seen an increase in ransomware attacks in 2017 and we don’t really see this letting up in 2018. WannaCry effected the so many organisations across the world. The ransomware saw 230,000 computers infected within a day when the attackers launched it in May 2017.

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On the 8th Day of Christmas: Lessons Learned in 2018

Deloitte Data Breach

Deloitte Date Breach

Back in March 2017, Deloitte, one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms discovered a breach of its email system. The breach may have been happening since as early as October 2016. What is most shocking about this breach is that Deloitte consults big multinational companies with a range of cybersecurity services. Yet, they seemed to fall at the first hurdle.

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On the 7th Day of Christmas: 2018 Prediction

AI Securing and Attacking

AI for Securing and Attacking

As more and more attacks are happening to businesses protected by firewalls, clearly we need a new source of protection. We are always looking for better ways to protect ourselves. Monitoring behaviours is becoming a more popular way to protect yourself from attacks (its what Heathrow Airport should have done!). Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an excellent way to recognise patterns as well as the anomalies within them. This is what makes it the perfect solution to use to protect your business from attacks from both external and internal (you never know!) sources.

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