Founded by recognised thought leaders in cybersecurity

CounterHack began out of frustration with current cybersecurity services for business. Although offerings have matured over the last decade, offerings and solutions for business are still completely lacking a clear and simple approach based on people, data and processes to understand the level of real risks facing business.

Based on the gap and need in the market CounterHack formed a team of liked minded people with an extensive background in cybersecurity and technology.

Working as a team to make business secure online




At CounterHack, we give our people the space to problem-solve in innovative ways. In short our culture is relaxed and casual but fast-paced and professional and central to this is our people.

We’re made up of ethical hackers, Cybersecurity consultants, adventurers and thought leaders; but together we are a team, working towards a common goal.

Innovation, diversity and exceptional service is what we strive for each and every day!

“Working with CounterHack provides me with the knowledge that my business is safe and secure and not at risk of a cyberattack. Prior to working with them I was worried my data was at risk, but now I never have to worry again as CounterHack use their brilliant technology to ensure the business is never at risk. They do all of the hard work.”

DeanHead of IT