Organise your data


With GDPR on its way (we know we have been banging on about it quite a lot), one way to make the whole process easier and to stay compliant is to ensure that your data is organised.
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Announcing our new resources area

Resources Header

Hi everyone,

We know you are all very busy securing your businesses, training your employees and generally making sure that everything is as safe as it can be. Especially, of course, the all important data that you are holding. However, we just wanted to take a moment of your time to announce our brand new resources area on the website.

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GDPR is less than 2 months away

GDPR Checklist

We all know the deadline is on its way. If you haven’t already begun sorting your business ahead of the deadline, then there really is no time like the present. It is unsurprising that the world’s businesses are focusing on this deadline with such dramatic consequences for non-compliance. Read more

World’s largest DDOS hits GitHub

DDOS hits GitHub

On Wednesday at around 17:21, the world’s largest DDOS recorded, hit GitHub. This was as approximately 1.3TB of data per second swarmed the developer platform.

GitHub is a common target for these type of attacks, with the Chinese government thought to be behind an attack. The previous attack occurred over 5 days in 2015. The attack on Wednesday, however, only lasted 9 minutes.

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Hackers in China Target UK Think Tanks

UK Think Tanks Targeted by Chinese Hackers

A US cyber-security company has claimed that Chinese hackers breached UK Think Tanks last year.

The US cybersecurity company, Crowdstrike has told the BBC that it saw a repeated number of Think Tanks, specialising in international security and defence issues targeted by the hackers at the start of April 2017. However, it is suggested that not all the hackings were successful.

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